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We remember when this actor was scary-thin for this role. Here he is dangerously thin, and it is said that the actor wanted crazy weight loss actors lose pounds but was not allowed to in fear that his health would be seriously compromised. According to the year-old actor, he shed the weight by getting rid of carbs and drinking nothing but water. Instead he eliminated almost all food in general and his exercise avoided weight lifting. He won for best actor in this role that required a huge transformation.

Eating so few calories is no easy feat — but Michael Fassbender knew he had to do it to accurately portray Bobby Sands in Hunger.

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Yes, Sign Me Up Now! One email per week. She gained 23 pounds for this role. Jake, 32, looks painfully thin with how to lose weight very quickly naturally protruding cheek bones and what looks like a generous rinse of Just For Men. And in some instances, they have to get pretty extreme.

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He accomplished this with a liquid diet and running for three hours per day on a treadmill, The Huffington Post reports. Chris Lose 10 body weight in a week said there were days when all he ate was one boiled egg, a couple of crackers, and a celery stick. It is important note, however, that this weightless was drastic, and he required regular nutritional and medical supervision.

There was no shape, no form, nothing, nothing.

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She had to be as nimble and crazy weight loss actors as full-time ballerinas. In an interview with ETonlinehe revealed that the process was rewarding, saying, "It was big transformation … it was a damn spiritual cleanse, man… [but] you're reminded how often you think about the next meal through the day.

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And though she lost the weight under direct supervision, fans grew concerned over her shrinking frame, USA Today reports. In order to lose the muscle mass, while lose weight your inner thighs maintaining some definition, he took on a three-step weight loss progam.

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He won for best actor in this role that required a huge transformation. Sands is an Irish historical figure known for starting a hunger strike in Northern Ireland, and eventually, he died from starvation, The Telegraph reports.

And, as the Oscar-winning Texas-born star now reveals, he achieved the extreme weight loss on little-to-no food — making him bad-tempered, not to mention ravenous.

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The film was heralded by critics, and this actor transformed crazy weight loss actors the role. Matthew McConaughey said he lost 38 pounds for the role, E!

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Towards the end, however he started losing his eyesight due to the lack of nutrients. The rapper told the Associated Press in that when he was shot in the jaw inhe could also drink only liquids, which had caused his weight to drop to This well-known rapper shocked us all with his transformation.

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Because her character had to look sickly and starved, she went on a special diet eating about calories a day. Biggest Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations!

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And People reports she also went on an insane crazy weight loss actors to accurately portray a woman who was stranded for 41 days. This actor ate a shockingly low number of calories for this role. He told the New York Daily News that he binge-ate and force-fed himself to achieve the weight gain goal.

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He did, however, receive medical checks along the way. She had to play someone with anorexia, and this is how.

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I'd have soup so that I could still eat, but it wouldn't get stuck. It was about getting to a place where I felt closer to how Aileen was living. But it also required a serious physical transformation. What's even more shocking is the star had to put back on over 60 pounds of muscle in crazy weight loss actors under six weeks to begin shooting Batman Begins, and ended up putting on nearly 40 additional pounds of muscle during the production.

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Chris Hemsworth via Instagram He lost 33 pounds for his role. His role of being an undercover police officer with the fit one from Step Up as his co-star meant he couldn't exactly get the part without slimming down somewhat.

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It's crazy weight loss actors that Galifianakis may have lost as much as 50 pounds. Sharing a photo of his dramatic transformation just this weekend ahead of the movie's release next month, he wrote: