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We don't know how to communicate. As the pair make the trip to Texas to consult with Doctor Nowzaradan about weight-loss surgery they reveal their worries about how difficult life will be once Bettie Jo starts to lose the pounds.

The only thing she could control was her eating and the food she ate.

My 600-LB Life- Bettie Jo’s Biggest Obstacle Is Her Enabler Husband

When her parents got back together, food was suddenly plentiful. I wanted to grow old," she said. Physically and emotionally abused by the men in her family, she sought comfort in food.

  • According to Betty Jo, the mass was cancerous, but despite the cancer diagnosis — she contacted Dr.
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At 19, she got pregnant and had her daughter Charley. I don't want to be like this anymore. The one thing usually pushing the person towards losing the weight is the knowledge they will not live much longer at that weight. Phillips has lost over pounds and Elmore, over After a couple of months bettie jo my 600 lb life weight loss is clear that Bettie Jo is serious about her weight loss and manages to drop 55 lbs, paving the way for her bypass.

Laura Perez — From lbs. Below is a photo of baby Preston and Bettie Jo. Charity Pierce — From lbs. Did Lupe wait too long to begin her weight-loss journey? Eventually BettieJo gets down to pounds and goes to visit her family, and they notice her weight loss bettie jo my 600 lb life weight loss are rather tepid in their responses - You look "OK" or "better".

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Bettie Jo, 24 Potosi, Missouri Bettie Jo was abandoned by her mom as a child, and was raised by her grandmother, who ruled with an iron fist and always put her down. Because of her weight, Bettie Jo is always in pain and knows that her weight is killing her.

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  • She hopes to finish college, return to work, get married and hopefully start a family.
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For one thing her husband is not on board. Buried under her weight, Susan has a kind, gentle spirit that is crying for help. It was time to do something about her weight. There we learn that Bettie Jo has been the victim of several rapes prior to her tremendous weight gain, and to some degree she sees the weight as a protection against future sexual assaults, because men do not come near her in her overweight state.

My LB Life- Bettie Jo’s Biggest Obstacle Is Her Enabler Husband - Popdust

But as much as Bettie Jo tries her husband is worried that when she becomes mobile and less dependant on him she will leave him. As the pair make the trip to Texas to consult with Doctor Nowzaradan about weight-loss surgery they reveal their worries about how difficult life will be once Bettie Jo starts to lose the pounds.

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We don't know how to communicate. He may only have a few months to live, so his family takes a high-risk journey to Houston, TX with the hope that bypass surgery can save his life. These powerful stories follow each person as they courageously undergo high-risk gastric bypass surgery in an effort to completely change their lives. A couple weeks after surgery, Josh rushes Bettie Jo to the hospital because she is having trouble breathing.

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Bettie Jo underwent weight loss surgery but found her relationship with Josh had become increasingly strained. At present, she is a mother of two. There was a suggestion that Bettiejo would have nothing to say about weight loss. The night after her surgery, Bettie Jo's husband does not even stay at the hospital.

Sound off in the comments why cant i lose weight after my miscarriage After a year on a weight loss program, Steven remains completely non-compliant, and Justin focuses on a new career instead of his diet Ashley Dunn-Bratcher — From lbs. Advertisement So both women how to lose body fat stomach to take their weight loss tips on the road.

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Now divorced, Pauline is nearly lbs, and hoping to rejoin society and turn her life around. Weighing in at lbs. James Jones — From lbs. At one point he was preparing Hamburger Helper for dinner and threw a fit when Bettie Jo asked if he could make her some green beans too. Bettie became pregnant after losing lbs.

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Each hour-long episode tracks a year bettie jo my 600 lb life weight loss the life of one morbidly obese individual — many of whom are bettie jo my 600 lb life weight loss and depending on caretakers for everyday tasks such as driving, bathing and even walking. A Facebook group and one Youtube vlogger faulted Christina, and especially Bettiejo Elmore, for perpetuating a weight loss "scam.

Amber, 24 Troutdale, Oregon Amber, 24, grew up in a Portland, Oregon, suburb with her parents and younger brother. The year-old is only 5 foot 2 and weighs nearly 47 stone which her doctor says is more like or lbs on her petite frame.

But then ironically, the vlogger suggested that the "My lb Life" star should stick to online fundraising, not fee-based talks. The vlogger "2ThousandAnd9" was when eating through the entire video and a little hard to follow.

Bettie Jo, 24, was left tipping the scales at lbs after gorging on a diet of fried chicken and barbecue sauce, which left husband Josh having to take care of all her personal needs - including taking her to the toilet.

When she suddenly loses someone she loves, Paula can no longer ignore the threat of losing her own life - especially for her children's sake. Donnie feels that Angel shut herself off from life. Susan sought comfort in food and has eaten her way to near death. Ready to undergo surgery, Amber is determined to get her life back on track. On the road to regaining a cool fat bettie jo my 600 lb life weight loss increased metabolism of self-worth, these individuals will have to confront their own demons and the inevitable impact — both positive and negative — on close personal relationships.

Another stunning transformation photo from Amber. After the baby was born, the family moved into a new place of their own. It's not entirely clear what the specific gripes are, exactly. Some social media followers accused Elmore of scamming with various GoFundMe accounts. Melissa used to be desperate to have kids. So now I'm volunteering to put food bag together for needy children," she said.

Then after bettie jo my 600 lb life weight loss, he buys junk so she wont' lose weight.

Zap2it First: Meet Bettie Jo on TLC's 'My LB Life' – Screener

She is diagnosed with heat stroke, but Dr. Teased and bullied through school, Joe developed a hard shell to survive his youth, but the damage to his self-esteem is immeasurable. Where's the weight loss beef?

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Christina suffered from emotional problems with obesity. But he seems to base complaints on the fact that the bariatric surgery patients are charging for their weight loss advice.

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I bettie jo my 600 lb life weight loss don't want it. Getting in and out of vehicles she doesn't need my help as much. She is years-old and has never lived on her own. On the precipice of being completely immobile and unable to bathe himself, Joe desperately wants to have this life-saving surgery and live a normal life. She no longer feels comfortable going out in public.

I don't ever want to lose her. I don't know the damage that will be done in our relationship. Now, Bettie Jo spends her time in a chair in her living room.

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Her parents got divorced, and she did not get enough to eat, so how to lose fat in your stomach and chest would steal grapefruits from an orchard on l-carnitine weight loss supplement way to school. Nowzaradan, in Houston, seeking gastric bypass surgery. She wishes she could do simple things on her own such as cooking and cleaning or going out with her husband and friends, but she can no longer drive, and she does not like being out in public where people stare.

I used to be her caregiver, do as she needs. So are Josh and Bettie Jo still together? The transformational journeys in MY lb LIFE go well beyond the weight loss — they are stories of fear, pain and vulnerability turned resilience, victory and pride.

Her common law husband has multiple sclerosis, so he is not physically able to help Laura, which has forced them to live with her parents. June McCamey — From lbs. Now, as he is called, is firm but compassionate as usual. Paula Jones — From lbs. But it was okay to ask for money for nothing, via GoFundMe because that was optional.

As Bettie Jo carries on losing weight Josh takes her to a personal trainer and they agree to "keep fighting for us". Now unemployed and unable to walk without falling, he now sleeps, lives and eats in the same living room chair 24 hours a day.

I've always been so big I could never really go out. She does well initially. Never married, Angel had a second child at age 20 6 month diet plans was nearly pounds. Ashley used to rely on rum and diet to lose weight 5-year-old son for her daily activities. She also revealed that she was raped when she was 13, which made her feel even more concerned about "getting smaller", as she believed that being big would "protect" her.

We wish her the best as she continues with her weight loss journey.

Christina Phillips, Bettiejo Elmore offer weight loss tips

With neither brother close to being approved for life-saving surgery, time easy healthy diets to lose weight fast quickly running out for the brothers. Zsalynn Whitworth — From lbs. A chunky baby and a picky eater as a child, Joe eschewed all vegetables.